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How to choose a Home Care Provider

As we get older, there arises a need of extra help around home or we may need expert care full time. There may be times when we find it difficult to do the things we’ve always done, whether that’s completing household tasks, looking after yourself so that we look and feel our best or getting out and about to do the things we enjoy. We do understand and respect your requirements and thus we’re here to cater all your needs. There is a prediction by Australian government that “by 2050, over 3.5 million Australians are expected to use aged care services each year”. To carry this out successfully we want you to know the processes it takes to choose a Home Care Provider.

What is a home care package?


A home care package is a customized suite of services, subsidised by government, for the older people who want to stay living at home. It is a Consumer Directed Care approach, that is, the consumers can allocate their funds according to their wish so that they can get the services they think, will make their life easier.

  • Know your Requirements– To list all the services that you need whether it maybe related to staff, range of services provided, or availability.

  • Options available– To search for other alternative providers via online or offline.

  • Do your Research– Before choosing a provider you should be clear with the provider’s professional experience and level of training done, fees that you’re supposed to pay or number of visits and care plan by the service providers.

  • Negotiate as much as possible– Negotiation sometimes work to lower the fee and increases the number of services.

  • Set and mark a date to switch– if you currently have a provider and you’re planning to switch then set a date and let your provider know about it. Make sure your current provider tells you how much unspent home care you have, and make sure this is transferred to your new care provider.

  • Utilise your referral code– Give a referral code to your new provider. This is on a letter sent to you by the Department of Health at the end of 2016. Your new provider needs this code to make sure the subsidy is paid to them; you can’t switch providers without this.

  • Beware of Exit fees– Check your existing home care agreement so you understand any exit fees your current provider may charge.


Make sure you thoroughly know about Home Care provider:

  1. Their profile

  2. Get yourself double sure from the referrer

  3. Serving years in this profession

  4. Beforehand budget

  5. Availability of after-hours support

  6. Ability to ensure patients confidentiality


We know that, it can be difficult for you and maybe a bit confusing to follow all the above procedures because there are chances that you fall under some filters and categories. For instance:

  • You can be one with dementia which makes tough for you to make complex decisions. So, you might be needing someone to sort this out.

  • Sometimes, there is a less availability of service providers in remote areas.

  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds behave differently and have variant expectations from service providers


Carer Connection is always just a phone cal away. For further assistance, you can call on

KNC: 02 9988 4966
From Monday to Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


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